Thursday, January 31, 2013


Congrats to Austin, Winterslam 8 Champion! Congrats also to Nate winner of the Lightweight Division! What a night! We started with the Lightweight Division. We had four groups in the first round of the Lightweight division and four winners. The winners from the first round were ...
Nate K.
Jakob B.
Alex S.
In the second and final round of the Lightweight Division Nate cleaned up. It is now (painfully) obvious that Nate belongs in the Heavyweight Division. Congrats Nate!
In the Heavyweight Division we had three groups in the first round. Like in the Royal Rumble the luck of the draw can either help your chances or end your chances of winning the Belt. The guys all battled hard, one group had five guys!(group of death anyone?) The winners in the first round in the Heavyweight Division were ...
Austin S.
Cody H.
Tyler C.
Cody and Tyler were working together trying to take out Austin but Austin would not to be denied. Austin fought hard and took down Cody first and then finished off Tyler taking the title!
Again Congrats Austin and Nate!
Thanks to Ben and Jason for all their help setting up and tearing down!


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