Thursday, December 07, 2017


Congrats Isaac! This was Isaac's first Helmet of the Btln season! Alex was in the final two with Isaac. Both Isaac and Alex were taken down on the final round, Isaac making it farther across the gym than Alex, taking the Helmet and the win!

Barq's has been a part of the Three B's for years, But this year it was time for a change. This year we made the switch to Jones Soda with custom Btln labels! The Btln Jones was a big hit! Most of the guys took the Bottles home to put on display.

This year there were 40 guys at the Three B's! The guys devoured 10 large Battalion Baconator pizzas, 4 cases of Jones rootBeer, over 100 Bonuts and two huge pots of Beans!

At the Three B's we are always short on time, so we usually only have time to play three games of MurderBall. In the first game, Ben's team easily Beat my team. The next two games were different, my team winning Both and winning the series 2-1!

Thanks to my mom for making the Bonuts!

Special thanks to all the leaders who have helped out so much in the First Half of the Btln year! We could not have Btln without you!

The Second Half of the Btln year begins on Wednesday, January 10, 2018!


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