Friday, November 10, 2017


Congrats Luke! Luke is the 2017 Royal Rumble Champion! Twenty-one guys competed in the thirteenth Royal Rumble! There were eight Lightweights (grades 7-9) and thirteen Heavyweights (grade 10-12)!

We always start the Royal Rumble with the Lightweights, and just like last year, the Lightweight Division was over very quickly! The final two in the Lightweight Division were Josh and Isaac. We finished the Lightweight Division with the "Ropes Down". It didn't take Josh long to push Isaac out of the ring. Not an epic battle, but still fun to watch!

Congrats to both Isaac and Josh!

In the Heavyweight Division there were alliances, but not the distinct teams that we saw last year. It is always interesting to watch the Rumble unfold. Every year is a little different. Getting from three guys down to two can take a really long time, but this year both Mike and Jakob went out at the same time, leaving us with only Dylan and Luke! I love the "Final Two-Ropes Down" tradition that we started two years ago. Everyone is watching and cheering for the Final Two! There isn't any place to hide when the ropes are down, so you would think that it would be over quickly, but this year the final two was an epic battle! The final two must have been at least ten minutes, it was crazy! In the end, Luke was able to force Dylan out of the ring! My highlight of the night is always when everyone rushes the new Champion!

Congrats to both Dylan and Luke, it was an amazing finish!

2017 Royal Rumble Champion - Luke Martens

2017 Lightweight Division Champion - Josh Martens

Special Thanks to Ben, Noah, Dan, Cam, Nathan and Devin for all of their help! The Royal Rumble is not possible without your help!


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