Friday, October 28, 2016


Congrats Phoenix! Phoenix is the 2016 Royal Rumble Champion! Twenty-nine guys competed in the twelfth Royal Rumble! There were twelve Lightweights (grades 7-9) and seventeen Heavyweights (grade 10-12)!

We always start the Royal Rumble with the Lightweights, and just like last year, the Lightweight Division was over very quickly! I guess the strength difference between grades 7-9 is greater than the strength difference between grades 10-12. Some of the smaller guys hardly touched the ring floor before they were going over the ropes! The final two in the Lightweight Division were Logan and Sam. Sam has made the final three two years in a row in the Lightweight Division, but this year it was Logan taking the Lightweight title! Congrats Logan!

In the Heavyweight Division there were two distinct teams battling each other. The best part was, that even though there were two teams, everyone was still having a good time. Dane, Keegan, Kaylon and Phoenix were working together. The other alliance had Dylan, Jakob, Tyson and Luke. Some of the other guys were wildcards, I was never sure who they were working with. The final three were Zach, Luke and Phoenix. As soon as we get down to the final three you know that two of the guys are going to work together to take out the third. Luke battled hard, but was not able to overcome Zach and Phoenix working together. I love the "Final Two-Ropes Down" tradition that we started at last years Royal Rumble. Everyone is watching and cheering for the Final Two, it is awesome! After the Heavyweight marathon, the Final Two is always going to be over quickly. There isn't any place to hide when the ropes are down. Phoenix was able to overpower Zach and push him out of the ring! I love how everyone rushes the ring after they know who the winner is.

Congrats to both Zach and Phoenix, it was an amazing finish!

2016 Royal Rumble Champion - Phoenix Thomson

2015 Lightweight Division Champion - Logan Cunningham

Special Thanks to Ben and Devin for all of their help! The Royal Rumble is not possible without your help!


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