Friday, December 28, 2012



What a great night! So many good things going on! After visiting in the room we moved upstairs to play some Murderball. Early on my team was getting beaten bad, until Aaron showed up, changing the momentum and helping us win a couple of games. Problem was, that Zach showed up next, changing the momentum back to Jeremy's team. Final score, Jeremy's team 7 and the Captain's team 2.
Next we played British Bulldog with last years winner Ben Jepsen starting in the middle. So many big guys and nowhere to run! It didn't take long before we had our winner! Congrats Jason!
Our "One Forward and One Back" Sergeant Jersey program has become a part of our Alumni Night the last three years and tonight was Joe Kraftchick's turn to receive his jersey! (Joe was the tenth Sergeant to receive his jersey.) Congrats Joe! So proud of you! We here at the blog salute you!
New to our Alumni Night this year was the induction of nine names into our Ring of Honor! (The names of the men that were inducted into the "Ring of Honor" are in the collage above.)
Four of the nine that were inducted were able to attend Alumni Night. Cam, Jeremy, Aaron and Nathan all received a commemorative mug. Congrats to all the men that were inducted! We here at the blog salute you!
Five years ago we made Alumni shirts for the first time. This year we had Jason and Ben make the second edition. The shirts were a big hit! Thanks to Ben and Jason for all your hard work! After handing out the shirts we moved the party to the Jepsen's.
Special thanks to Bruce and Katie for feeding us and letting us hang out at your house!
Only 364 days until next years Alumni Night!
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