Monday, May 23, 2016


The 36th annual Maylong was another amazing campout! Before we started, the weather report was not looking very good. In the end, the weather was way better than expected! Friday there wasn't any rain, and it didn't rain on Saturday until the evening! Most of the weekend the lake was like glass!

The Cribbage Tourney Final featured two Champions from the past, (Bruce Jepsen and Abe Martens) and two guys that had yet to etch their names on the trophy. Bruce was partnered with Tyler Francis and Abe was with Sergeant Ben Nicolson. Bruce and Tyler had a big lead and it looked like it might be over early. Abe had a big hand to make it interesting, but in the end it was Bruce and Tyler pulling away for the win! Congrats to Bruce and Tyler!

The Maylong is the end of the Btln Memory Work, so the guys were busy finishing. It is fun to have the guys reciting the Scriptures throughout the weekend! Noah, Ben, Jakob and Dolan all completed the Memory Work this year at the Maylong! Tyson worked hard and is only 11 points away, so I gave him an extension. I am so proud of all of the guys that finished the Memory Work this year! A Btln salute to those that did the Memory Work!

This year was the fifth year for the Maylong Regatta! We made some changes to the Regatta this year. I was getting a little tired of putting paper plates and empty water bottles in the creek, so this year we had numbered yellow balls that we dumped into the creek. At first it looked like Dolan was going to win, but his ball got caught up in a backwater. Riley Leighton's ball caught up to Dolan's and somehow managed to get out of the backwater to win the steak dinner prepared by Bruce! Congrats Riley!

Btln Cribbage Tourney Champions
2006 - Cam Thompson, Taylor Wollenberg-Barron
2007 - David Podovinikoff, Abe Martens
2008 - Lance Martens, Abe Martens
2009 - Derek Brown, Jim Ridsdale
2010 - Zane Lawson, Aaron Friesen
2011 - David Podovinikoff, Eli Podovinikoff
2012 - Devin Chursinoff, Eli Podovinikoff
2013 - Aaron Friesen, Lance Martens
2014 - Jakob Boschmann, Bruce Jepsen
2015 - Noah Makortoff, Devin Chursinoff
2016 - Tyler Francis, Bruce Jepsen
Special thanks to the guys that traveled to attend the Maylong! (Blake and Steve Chursinoff) (David, Evan and Eli Podovinikoff) (Tyler and Derrick Francis) (Ryley Heppner, Jason Hayashi and John Van) A Btln Salute to all of these men! It was so good to visit with all of you!
Can't wait until next year! May 19-21!

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