Friday, March 04, 2011




Congratulations to Zane and Jordon on making it to the Final of the 16th Annual Btln Ping Pong Tourney! 18 guys competed in the Tourney and now we are down to two. Jordon defeated Chris(The King)in the semi's and Zane beat GeRRald to make it to the final. Thanks to everyone who came out and competed!
Ping Pong ruled the night but while the guys were waiting their turn in the tourney we tried glow in the dark basketball for the first time in years. We had two glow in the dark basketballs, glow sticks on the rims and on our arms. I think it was OK but probably not destined to be a classic like Bulldog, Murderball or Mike.
Next up is Brigade(Battalion)Night this Sunday at 6:30 p.m.(come early 6:15 p.m.)at the church. We will have pictures from the last year, Btln Top Ten, some of our guys will recite passages, Ryley will be singing in the men's choir, other Btln Alumni will be present(Possibly Dan T., Jason H., Charlie L. and Sammy J.! We are bringing in the big guns!), there will be snacks and we will have the Ping Pong Final!

Remember to were your Btln shirt!

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